Pioneering e-health solutions.
For healthier people and successful companies.

“Our vision is to enable people to enjoy a better quality of life and vitality throughout their whole life. We pursue this aim using innovative, motivating corporate and personal health management solutions for specific target groups."

Harald Holzer, CEO

We are experts in digital health solutions.
Our most important principles

We combine the mega trends of health, digitalisation and mobility and develop unique products and services out of them that are fun, offer a lifestyle and lead to a fantastic user experience. We help people to live more consciously and healthily using innovative digital solutions and exciting business models.

We create positive user experiences.
User focused

We want to achieve a change in health awareness not by preaching but providing a service that is fun. That’s why our user experience experts ensure that our products fulfill their most important purpose: to inspire users. 

We keep an eye on current state-of-the-art research.
Scientifically sound

We combine expert knowledge to depict health-related topics in an understandable so they can be applied easily every single day. The content of our health programmes is based on current scientific knowledge and constitutes a reliable tool for promoting employee health.

We inspire employees to be healthier.

Employee participation is the linchpin of corporate health management. Our CHM solutions include a whole set of motivation modules that ensure a high participation rate and permanently motivate employees to stay on the ball.

We guarantee 100% security.
Data integrity

Data privacy and security are a top priority for us. We guarantee that our users' personal and sensitive health data is handled securely and responsibly. We offer privacy that goes beyond statutory provisions and regulations when recording, processing and saving personal data.

Digital corporate health management:
moove - Just do it for you!

Discover moove

Tailor-made support

moove accompanies every employee step by step on their way to achieving their personal health goals and is at the same time totally geared towards individual needs.

Health programmes anywhere & any time

The web-based moove health portal is also perfect for staff who travel frequently or work at different business locations.

Make corporate health measurable

moove analyses your company's state of health using clear performance indicators. Making the success of your CHM immediately measurable.

Tailored corporate health management
for your company

The moove solutions

Whether you are just starting out with your corporate health management or you have already established fixed structures for health in your company, moove supports you totally according to your needs.

Recording the
status quo

Find out what the state of health is like in your company in no time at all. Your entire staff’s health is recorded using a comprehensive online survey.

Permanent employee health support

Every single employee gets exactly the support they want on the moove health portal, be it a healthier diet, the ability to cope better with stress, more exercise, a stronger back or to sleep better.

Digital stress prevention

moove helps your employees to cope better with the ever increasing demands in the working world and provides them with innovative tools to sustainably improve their ability to cope with stress.

Your tailored online portal
for health in your company

Customised moove

Use the moove health portal as a central platform for employee health in your company. With customised moove you can integrate existing CHM activities into the moove health portal really easily. 

Integrate existing CHM programmes

If you have already implemented CHM programmes in your company they can be displayed on the moove health portal with no problems at all.

A central platform for employee health

With moove you pool all your company’s CHM measures in one central place thus offering a uniform concept to promote employee health.

Enhance your corporate image

With moove you establish a commitment to your employees’ health as an essential component of your corporate culture. By placing your company logo on the moove health portal you also strengthen your position as an attractive employer.

Become a “First moover”
in one of the most important sectors of the future

Innovative business models for your
corporate success
Our business partner model

The moove partner solutions

Are you a provider of corporate health services yourself?
Then supplement or expand your range with the clever moove solutions.

Does your portfolio include various health services?  Expand your range with the moove health portal and reach new target groups.

Greater customer loyalty

Provide long-standing customers with benefits using moove and set yourself apart from others on the market using innovative, digital services. 


moove is the new generation of CHM. We form a strong network together and shape the CHM market of the future with our innovative products and services.

Tap into new markets

Expand your portfolio

Profit from the success of moove. Round off your own range with the additional offer of an e-health solution to appeal even more to your target group and to continue to expand it. moove is particularly ideal for expanding the portfolio of classic CHM providers and telecommunication providers.

Strengthen customer relations

By also offering a digital CHM solution you give your customers a feeling of all-round support. This promotes trust and strengthens customer relations.

Strengthen your market position

Complementing or expanding your portfolio with an innovative e-health solutions appeals to new target groups and strengthens your position as an attractive provider in your sector.

Higher turnover

Use moove for sales promotion and attract more attention to your entire portfolio. This can secure your sales and boost them even more.

Consumer & loyalty management

Are you an insurance company, telecommunications company or media business? We help you to appeal to new customer groups and improve your current customer loyalty in the long-term. Create attractive advantages for your customers and enhance your company’s image.

A better image

Demonstrate your innovation to the outside world and become a health trendsetter in your sector. Show that your customers are important to you.

Greater customer satisfaction

Use moove as a customer loyalty programme combined with attractive rewards, discounts or better conditions. This promotes the loyalty of current customers in the long-term and appeals to new customers.

Achieve competitive advantages

With moove you are expanding your product portfolio with e-health services and tapping into new business areas with minimal risk, which can lead to a real competitive advantage.

Tailor-made solutions
for the pharmaceutical and health industry

Patient management using dialogue marketing
Direct to patient

Are you in the pharmaceutical industry? Then expand your range with innovative e-health services, tele-coaching or mobile emergency and assistance services. The need for innovative patient services is greater than ever today and the dialogue with patients is an important factor on the health market. Offer your customers real value added and focus on long-term customer relations based on trust.

Full service range

Our direct to patient range is based on our service centre structure for telemedicine and health services and includes telephone services for patient management through to comprehensive healthcare programmes.

Differentiation from competition

Set yourself apart from the competition with attractive additional services and create real value added for greater customer satisfaction and sustainable customer loyalty.

Develop long-term customer relations

You support your customers in the long-term with our services. This meets the increasing demand for beneficial patient services, creates trust and promotes lasting customer relations.

About vitaliberty

vitaliberty successfully takes care of long-term healthier, more energetic and motivated staff at large corporations and SMEs on the German and international market.

Our innovative corporate health management moove - Just do it for you! combines state-of-the-art technologies with motivating solutions appropriate to specific target groups. As a consequence, we move people and companies.


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