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The vitaliberty team

Advisory Board
  • Anika HoffmannJunior Product Manager
    My motivation

    • Raising awareness for the issue of health and promoting it on an individual basis.
    • Being inspired by the team dynamics and getting actively involved.
  • Justyna RösnerCorporate Health Manager
    My motivation

    • The health benefit of moove, which is personal & unique for every single person. It’s precisely this benefit that strengthens our economy and results in a better of quality of life for everyone.
    • Finding solutions for our customers, which I would also choose for my own company.
    • Our team and the individual opportunities for development in my job.
  • Andreas FendlHead of Product Development
    My motivation

    • Developing and constantly improving applications to a top standard of quality using flexible methods.
    • Using modern technologies not as an end in themselves but as sensible tools.
    • Making a technological contribution to tackling a lack of willpower.
  • Katharina FoxSenior Product Manager
    My motivation

    • Creating awareness that life also takes place at work.
    • Bringing new CHM approaches to the company using exciting methods.
  • Mariola KloseCorporate Health Manager
    My motivation

    • Inspiring discerning customers with innovative products.
    • Moving people.
    • Contributing to a work-life balance.
  • Harald HolzerCEO
    My motivation

    • Conquering attractive markets through innovation and developing exciting business models.
    • Being successful with a good team.
  • Wolf-Markus KunzCFO
    My motivation

    • Creating the basic commercial conditions so that our team can be successful.
    • Conquering attractive markets through innovation and developing exciting business models.
    • Being successful with a really good team.
  • Florine von CapriviHead of Corporate Health Management and Prevention
    My motivation

    • Creating the communication balance between information and sales, curiosity and discovery.
    • Emotionalising tangible and motivating health topics.
    • Establishing brands as success turbochargers.
  • Lisa GläserCorporate Health Manager
    My motivation

    • Improving companies’ competitiveness through healthy employees.
    • Developing and expanding every single employee’s health awareness through personal and flexible solutions.
    • Implementing tailored and innovative solutions for every company together with a dynamic team.
  • Markus MannSenior Projektmanager
    My motivation

    • Developing products that make the world a better place.
    • Using several people’s knowledge in a team and then watching it grow together.
  • Mira DietrichFinancial Manager
    My motivation

    • Contributing to the company's success by developing analysis relevant to management.
    • Always being at the forefront! And all thanks to an innovative product that makes improving your health fun.
  • Dr. Mercedes HausiExecutive Assistant
    My motivation

    • To make a difference and drive something in a strong team.
    • To not only see and communicate the topic of health as a trend but as an attitude to life.
    •  To be a strong partner for our customers.
  • Dr. Oliver-Timo HensslerHead of Partner Management and Consulting
    My motivation

    • Helping companies to stay healthy and competitive.
    • Making health management even more effective through innovative digital solutions.
    • Creating synergies and value added through networking.
  • Maximilian EiseOnline Marketing Manager
    My motivation

    • Gaining experience in an innovative sector.
    • Contributing my ideas and commitment to a team.
  • Melanie LeonhardtHead of Offline Marketing and Events
    My motivation

    • Actively ensuring more fitness and a healthier lifestyle with our products.
    • Designing and realising creative, attention-grabbing communication tools.
    • Gaining valuable experience in a strong team.
  • Milan WeißMarketing Assistant
    My motivation

    • Developing successful concepts in a team.
    • Establishing new ways of thinking in CHM at the same time.
    • Making our innovative products an experience.
  • Prof. Dr. Volker Nürnberg

    Prof. Dr. Volker Nürnberg has been dealing with all facets of occupational health management and the situation of managers for 15 years. Initially he implemented occupational concepts in the statutory health insurance companies (as the Managing Director of AOK and BKK until 2011), before he took over the management of the area of health management at Mercer in 2012. Here, he particularly advises on the topics of employer attractiveness, leadership, communication, demography, personnel development and personnel management. He teaches and researches at the economic sciences faculty of the University of Applied Management in Erding, and is a lecturer at the TU Munich.

  • Steffen AdlerJunior UX Architect
    My motivation

    • Working with a product that is cool and can bring about an improvement in quality of life for everyone.
    • Designing software solutions that make exercise and nutrition fun.
    • Being part of a strong team that pushes the company forward with exciting projects.
  • Frauke BleyHR Manager
    My motivation

    • Working in a company whose products, philosophy and goals I can identify with.
    • Achieving something with my work and commitment.
  • Prof. Dr. Joachim E. Fischer

    Prof. Dr. Joachim E. Fischer has been the Director of the Mannheim Institute for Public Health, Social and Preventative Medicine (MIPH) at the University of Heidelberg since 2006. In his current research project at the Mannheim Institute for Public Health, Prof. Fischer is looking at intervention concepts to maintain employability and the health of the population in the second half of its life. Prof. Fischer is the founder of HealthVision GmbH, a spin off company of ETH Zurich.

  • Nicole LinkPR Manager
  • Cornelia SchnelleHead of Customer Project Management
    My motivation

    • Developing a great product that makes a difference in other people’s life with a great team.
    • Healthy living, healthy working and learning something new every day.
  • Jan-Philipp KochCorporate Health Manager
    My motivation

    • Supporting companies towards a healthier future.
    • Incorporating the theories from my studies in a future market.
    • Assisting with sales.
  • Anja WilkeCorporate Health Manager
    My motivation

    • Fun, enjoyment and a never-ending curiosity for everyday things.
    • Working with a product that is cool and can bring about an improvement in qualify of life for everyone.
  • Sabrina WeberHead of Online Marketing and PR
    My motivation

    • Making our innovative products “highly visible” on the market using creative ideas, curiosity and passion.
    • Developing unusual, attention-grabbing campaigns in a motivated team.
    • Gaining exciting experiences in an aspiring sector.
  • Elaine MatysiakInformation Manager
    My motivation

    • Ensuring a healthier lifestyle and better quality of life with a strong team.
    • Gaining valuable experience in an aspiring and pioneering sector.
    • Contributing my ideas and commitment to a young and dynamic company.
  • Philipp BrühlFitnessexperte
    My motivation

    • Continuously supporting innovative products from their development, to marketing and finally the customer.
    • Giving the grey theory of studies some colour with the help of the orange practice of vitaliberty.
  • Michael KochProduct Owner Mobile
    My motivation

    • Disseminating viable personal health innovations with a great team.
    • Using the opportunities of mobile end devices to help guide people in overcoming their lack of willpower.
  • Kathrin SommerfeldProduct Experience Manager
    My motivation

    • To participate in the further development of an innovative product, and place it successfully in an upcoming market.
    • Gain new experiences and learn a great deal by working together in an interdisciplinary team.
    • To help other companies have more satisfied and happier employees.
  • Marina DorokhinaCustomer Project Manager
    My motivation

    • Gaining valuable experiences in a young and dynamic team.
    • Motivating people to pay more attention to their health.
  • Sabrina GrecoCorporate Health Manager
    My motivation

    • Every company wants to have healthy and motivated employees – I want to inspire our customers with my élan. 
    • “If you want to, you can achieve anything” and your health is worth it.
  • Dr. Andrea BaxheinrichSenior CHM Consultant
    My motivation

    • Making healthy eating palatable using innovative products.
    • Inspiring employees for a healthy lifestyle.
    • Developing varied health management as a team.
  • Jan DewaldSenior Projektmanager
    My motivation

    • Managing interesting projects in a great team and shaping transformations, not just for customers but also for our own company.
    • Assisting with the development of a product that I am convinced about myself.
    • Striking out in new directions and facing the challenges together.
  • Daniel KaiserHead of Product Experience
    My motivation

    • Helping people through the medium of “health”.
    • Developing innovations, always being “one step ahead” of the others.
  • Johanna SonntagProduct Manager
    My motivation

    • Offering exiting and helpful psychological information and tools to our users.
    • Helping companies to support the wellbeing of their employees. .
  • Maximilian HonauerMarketing
    My motivation

    • Promoting new ideas in CHM in a young, motivated team.
    • Designing and organising interesting events and following them up.
    • Making a company aware of the issue of health to sustainably create a high quality of living.
  • Barbara FoltzManagement Team Assistant
    My motivation

    • To support the team with my experience, and therefore make the work world a little better with modern, innovative products.
    • Raise awareness, that health and an even work-life balance contributes to company success.
  • Sophia GeiselJunior Produktmanagerin
    My motivation

    • Grabbing other people with my enthusiasm for sport and healthy eating and helping them to achieve a healthier lifestyle as a result.
    • Supporting a strong team with their work.
    • Turning my hobby into a career.
    • Gaining practical experience in CHM while studying.
  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Bös

    Prof. Dr. Klaus Bös is an internationally renowned sports scientist with the research focuses of diagnostics and sports consulting, sport and health, fitness research and school sport. As the head of the Institute for Sport and Sports Sciences at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology, and the founder of the German Walking Institute, he has participated in many international tests and studies, and played an important role in youth development. As an expert he holds important functions such as Chairman oft he Supervisory Board oft he National Institute for Economic Communication (NaWiK) or as the Chairman of the specialist advisory board of the Children’s Gymnastics Association Baden-Württemberg.

  • Björn SternsdorfHead of Consumer Business
    My motivation

    • Helping people to lead a good life using innovative digital solutions.
    • Permanently and finally conquering that inner temptation in all of us.
  • Lucyna OzimekFinancial Manager
    My motivation

    • Completing responsible tasks in a pioneering sector.

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As a young and dynamic company on a growing market we are looking for new colleagues who want to share our enjoyment in further developing our exciting products and like facing constantly new challenges. Thanks to our interdisciplinary way of working and the various different tasks, every single person here has personal development opportunities and the chance to grow with their work.

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As a young and dynamic company on a growing market we are looking for new colleagues who want to share our enjoyment in further developing our exciting products and like facing constantly new challenges.

Thanks to our interdisciplinary way of working and the various different tasks, every single person here has personal development opportunities and the chance to grow with their work.

»We bring the team spirit to life and all pull together. That’s how we master every project, totally in our customers’ interests!«

Philipp Brühl, Key Account Manager

We focus on the customer. Our projects are always implemented with all those involved working closely together to achieve the best outcome for our customers.

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»Thanks to the variety of my tasks I gain insight into a whole range of areas and learn something new every single day.«

Milan Weiß, Event Management at Cooperative University

Promoting young talent is a matter close to our hearts. That’s why we constantly offer exciting apprenticeship and student placements at the dual university and placements for working students.

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»The daily work developing innovative products in a great team constantly motivates to give my very best. «

Daniel Kaiser, Senior Product Manager

We’re also a great team outside the office and motivate each other to deliver top performances. With our team activities we model the “moove - Just do it for you!” principle ourselves.

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»In keeping with the principle of give and take everyone here is given the flexibility that they personally need and is then also expected to be flexible when the job requires this. This ensures collaboration focused on success and a pleasant working climate.«

Cornelia Schnelle, Senior Project Manager

We create an environment for our employees which permanently inspires and motivates them to stay innovative and healthy thanks to the work’s flexible organisation.

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We all have one common goal.
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New horizons for your health
The vitagroup companies

vitaliberty belongs to the international vitagroup and benefited from the many years of experience and expertise of the corporate group in telemedicine right from the start.

One group. One goal.

Driven by the goal of providing a high level of medical care worldwide in the future too, vitagroup researches and develops products and solutions for the health market. Innovative technologies, state-of-the-art means of information and communication, extensive specialist knowledge and experience from more than a decade of pioneering work in the telemedicine sector are used by the vitagroup companies to offer innovative products and services in a whole range of different health market segments.

And all with the same goal: to make a valuable contribution to overcoming healthcare challenges and therefore ensuring the quality of life of every single person throughout all the different stages of their life.

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vitaliberty successfully takes care of long-term healthier, more energetic and motivated staff at large corporations and SMEs on the German and international market.

Our innovative corporate health management moove - Just do it for you! combines state-of-the-art technologies with motivating solutions appropriate to specific target groups. As a consequence, we move people and companies.


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