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vitaliberty moves people and companies which is why there is also all kinds of things to report. Here you can find news about current projects, events, cooperations and news regarding our innovative health solutions.
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„It’s obvious that healthy employees are more productive, there’s plenty of scientific evidence of this. It would not be enough to simply measure absences. We take it one step further and record values for motivation, esteem.”

Mannheimer Morgen, 07.01.2015: Greater success due to healthy employees

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“Digital solutions that support employee health are particularly ideal for reaching younger, tech-savvy employees, according to study results.”

Personalmagazin 10/2014: Promoting health digitally

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„Companies who recognise the correlation between personal health and corporate success have the possibility of implementing tailor-made health-related measures with moove instead of dishing out the same to everyone, which is so often the case.”

HR Roundtable News Sept. 2014: The latest trend of risk analysis

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„We try to combine mega trends such as health, apps, smartphones and portals so that the resulting product is fun, offers a lifestyle and leads to a fantastic user experience. We want to achieve a change in health awareness not by preaching but providing a service that is fun.”

Mannheimer Morgen, 07.01.2015: Greater success due to healthy employees

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vitaliberty successfully takes care of long-term healthier, more energetic and motivated staff at large corporations and SMEs on the German and international market.

Our innovative corporate health management moove - Just do it for you! combines state-of-the-art technologies with motivating solutions appropriate to specific target groups. As a consequence, we move people and companies.


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